?now stood at 130 ◆billion yu●an. Yet 70 percent● of the ci●r

culation was■ made in grain wh●olesale marke〓ts and special mar○ke

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To remain alive or in existence. To carry on despite hardships or , in○cl persevere. To remain functional or usable.

uding differ◆ent types of

ts for agricu〓ltural pro○ducts. "Th〓e sales an●d producti■on are closel■y linked in Western 〓countries. Farmers w〓ill plant wha◆t supermarkets ●need," an MOC off◆icial Chang Xiaocu○n said. "Such co●nnection betw

color ◆televisions, refrig

een 〓the supermarkets and● farmers co●uld provide up-to-d◆ate market ●information to ■farmers so they 〓would plant wha■t the market really 〓need. Meanwhil●e, it would help to○ sta

e●rators and mo■

bilize food pr◆ices and farmers' in●come," he said●. The retail gia○nt Wal-Mart has est●ablished su○ch a connection 〓in China, which "not● only ensured○ the supply and q●uality, but a●lso reduced circul■ati

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